We would like to give your Chamber members our proprietary marketing secrets that will generate all the leads their business can handle… For FREE!

We've created a series of 3 powerful lead generation marketing videos specifically designed to help your network of small business owners generate all the leads their business can handle...  and do so within 7 days of receiving them.

These presentations contain simple to understand, easy-to-apply, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers online and offline tactics that when implemented, have the ability to produce instant and dramatic revenue growth for any small business.

But the end result is this. Your chamber members will see an immediate increase in their cash flow in just days. Once they see these results for themselves, we want to help them create and implement a world-class marketing program of their own using our revolutionary E-Learning Marketing System... an online business school designed specifically to provide all small business owners with the tools, done-for-you resources and support they need to build a successful business. We believe by proving to them right up front that we can teach them proven and tested lead generation techniques that actually work, they will continue to let us help them build a market-dominating business.

Besides, Shouldn't Every Business That Claims They Have A Marketing System That Actually Works And Can Make Any Business Owner Money Be Willing To Step Up And Prove It BEFORE Asking Anyone To Invest A Cent In Their Program? WE DO!

If any business owner in your Chamber will simply take the information we send them and apply it to their business, the revenue they will generate will more than pay for the investment in our program by a factor of ten. In short, every member will see a huge increase in their revenue BEFORE we ask them to invest in any of our services.

We want them to experience first-hand the cutting edge information that will enable them to out-market and out-sell their competition.

This Program Has Been Called The Single, Most Powerful Client Attraction And Revenue Generating Program Available Anywhere Today

The content and support they receive in this program is unmatched… and simply off the charts.

And since we know that many small businesses in your Chamber are hurting financially today, we found a way to offer them all the tools, strategies, resources and live support they need to become successful… for less than the cost of a daily coffee.

If you decide to partner with us, we will extend to your members (and on your behalf) up to $5,000 in small business grant money we have just received from an entrepreneurial investment group whose mission is to help small business owners worldwide become successful. We're going to credit your Chamber with arranging these grants on behalf of your members so you can pass them along as a "gift from the Chamber to them."

You can also use this program and the grant money as a way to entice new prospects into becoming new Chamber members.

We Also Want You To Share In The Revenue From This Program

We've included a huge financial incentive for your Chamber as thanks for your partnership and for endorsing us to your members.

But before you make such an important decision, we want you to check us out for yourself

Click the Yes… I'm Interested button below and complete our short joint venture application form. We will then provide you with a free lifetime membership just for partnering with us. Let us show you what this unbelievable system is all about and how it can benefit both your Chamber and your members

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Check out the advantages of our cutting-edge E-Learning Marketing System below.

Our E-Learning Marketing System is the most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created

We created this program to provide your Chamber members with the perfect combination of done-for-you marketing resources, tools and live support to help them…

Our online system and the done-for-you resources and tools are a total game-changer for your clients.

Yes… I'm interested! Here's what we have waiting for your members…
3 Powerful Lead Generation Videos
After viewing the 3 free videos, we will send them a bonus 4th video that shows them how to monetize the information in the previous videos. They will then have the opportunity to enroll as a member in our E-Learning Marketing System (and apply a huge discount they will receive from the Chamber). Here's what they receive if they decide to become a member…
A Complete Diagnostic On Their Business
A Customized Roadmap To Follow (removes all the guesswork)

Once they complete the comprehensive 5 minute diagnostic, we will literally hand them a roadmap that outlines everything they need to do… and in the order they need to do it

World-Class, Step-By-Step Internet Marketing and Business Building Content

Audio Learning Modules

Video Learning Modules

Unrestricted Access to Incredible Done-For-You Small Business Resource Library

Bonus Content Specifically Designed To Add Immediate Cash Flow

Professional Group Coaching

Weekly E-learning lessons sent directly to their email

Unrestricted Access To Our Proprietary Time Management Program (helps them regain their time… and their life)
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We think you'll agree this is by far the most powerful client attraction and business growth program available anywhere on the planet.

The only thing left for us to do was to price it so that any serious business owner in your Chamber could easily afford it… even financially distressed ones. But what about your Chamber?

We want every one of your members who receives this offer to recognize it as a gift from the Chamber. We want to position your Chamber as the "hero" in their eyes for making this amazing opportunity available to them. Here's how we'll make this happen.

We have allocated $100 of our $197 monthly price point toward marketing expenses. By partnering with you, this is a cost we will not incur.

So we're going to credit your Chamber with that $100 per month savings… and let you pass it on to your members.

This allows your Chamber to inform them that you want to help them build a successful and profitable business, and to do that your Chamber has arranged to cover more than 50% of their cost every month so they can enroll in the program. We will make sure all of your members receive this discount on behalf of your Chamber.

By the way, this lucrative discount will remain in force for as long as they remain in our program.

We will provide you with an email or a direct mail letter you can send out that will position this discount as a “gift” from the Chamber to your members as a thank you for their ongoing patronage. You can edit this letter and revise any content as you see fit.

Bottom line, they receive full access to everything in the program for $97 per month… forever.… But that's not all…

One of the most strongly desired components of our program is the weekly Group Coaching calls which we deliver in a webinar format so your members receive both audio and video training. We offer these calls, including unlimited access to the recorded webinars for $500 per month... or $5,000 if they pay for a year in full.

Due to a recent joint venture we are currently able to offer a limited amount of grant money to provide financial assistance to small business owners willing to seek out professional support. Our weekly coaching sessions meet the requirements of that grant and can be used to offset the cost of the weekly group coaching program.

Therefore, we can offer your entire Chamber membership the opportunity to apply for these grants to cover the full cost of our Group Coaching option for the entire year. And best of all, the grant remains in effect year to year as long as the recipient remains an E-Learning member.

There are NO costs involved to apply for this grant, and the qualifications are minimal...


We want to position this grant as another opportunity YOU are making available to your members. We want you to take the credit for providing your members with this unprecedented opportunity for everyone in your Chamber to receive expert group coaching from professional business growth experts.

Bottom line: your members will receive unlimited access to our entire E-Learning System AND weekly Group Coaching for $97 per month. But we want to reward you financially as well.

As our partner, we will compensate your Chamber with 40% of the total monthly revenue from every one of your members who enrolls in this program… and we will continue to pay your Chamber 40% every month for as long as they remain a member.

What you do with these funds is strictly up to you. You can use it to pay for additional training for your small business members, or you can pass it along to your members and reduce their monthly member fee from $97 to $57. The choice is yours.

If only 100 members from your Chamber enroll in this program and remain with us for one year, your Chamber would receive $46,560.00 in annual compensation. This is passive income to the Chamber and requires zero work or effort on your part!

We hope this incentive will encourage you to continue to promote our E-Learning Marketing System frequently to all of your members who may need assistance in growing their business.

However, there's also an additional benefit that you receive. Imagine what will happen when these business and marketing growth services begin to generate additional revenue for every prospect and client you have in your database. Naturally they will be grateful to you for helping them become successful, but the best part is they will credit the Chamber as the one that provided them with this valuable service… especially as their business skyrockets. They will be sending you tons of referrals.

This means you get their praise, the monthly commissions and an increase in your own Chamber membership. We always want to benefit our Chamber partners and make this a win-win situation. We truly want this to be a long-lasting relationship between us… not a one time, take-it-or-leave it type of offer.

But how do you know we're "the real deal?"

You don't… plain and simple, unless you're familiar with our programs world-class reputation in the marketing and business growth community. Anyone can say anything these days, and of course they do. Everyone will tell you they can help your members… or that they have the best products and services. We believe the proof lies in "RESULTS." Isn't THAT what you want for those members you refer to us… RESULTS?

That's why we created the 3 video series. Click the Yes… I'm Interested button below and let us show you what this unbelievable system is all about and how it can benefit both your Chamber and your members. You will also receive a complimentary membership in our E-Learning Marketing System.

Our core foundation is based on ethics and integrity.

That's why we've come to you. We want partners who share our values as well as our vision. And remember, your members are going to receive 3 free videos that by themselves will make them more than the entire annual cost of our program.

ONLY after they receive this world-class content and see revenue coming through their doors will they be invited to remain a member in the E-Learning Marketing System. And we NEVER pressure anyone to remain in our programs… EVER! We believe in empowering business owners with the information they need to make solid decisions, and letting them come to the conclusion that we're the right organization for them to trust with building their business.

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Here's what I need for you to do…
There's no reason to wait. We Know For A Fact That It's YOUR Chambers Reputation On The Line When You Endorse Us To Your Member Base.

That's why we want you to experience the entire program for yourself BEFORE you make any final decisions. Your Chambers reputation is important to us as well… since it's your recommendation that helps us help the small business owners we value and serve. Your reputation was the key consideration that led us to offer the 3 free videos to prove ourselves upfront… and to add so many high-powered products and services to this program for your members to benefit from.

Seriously, have you ever seen any online program this inexpensive with a content lineup this powerful… especially with direct access to experts offering guidance and mentoring in the areas of offline and online marketing and business growth?

We've been helping business owners effectively market their business and explode their revenue and profits for years. We'll help your members do the exact same thing.

The Price For This Program Is Less Than A Cup Of Coffee Per Day

Encourage your members to get started by subscribing to the free 3 video series. We promise we won’t let them down. We have already created the email for you to send out, pending your review and approval. So click on that “Yes… I’m interested!” button right now, check out the 3 videos and together, we’ll build your members the business of their dreams.

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